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Renewable Energy

For the past ten years Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has been involved in the cutting edge of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Projects in the emerging markets of Europe and more recently in Asia.

With concern about diminishing worldwide crude oil reserves and unprecedented increases in energy costs, the interest in efficient technologies for obtaining synthetic fuels has grown. Special attention is given to innovative technologies where the output fuels are similar to those obtained from crude oil but show even better quality and aim to leave less of a carbon foot print. For example, coal, organic waste and natural gas are used as raw material for production of such synthetic fuels.

The emerging markets and countries recently admitted to the European Union (EU) have been an active market for such projects. For example, the development of renewable energy resources in Bulgaria has gained momentum following Bulgaria's entry in the European Union in 2007. Bulgaria must cover 11% of its gross domestic energy consumption with electricity from renewable energy sources by the end of 2010 from less than 10% now and should increase that share to 16% by 2020. To that end, the Balkan state has 330 MW of newly installed wind farm capacity.

Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has represented many clients in their Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Projects. A sampling is listed below.

  • Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has represented a client in the conversion to a Combined Cycle Gas-Fired Power Plant in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The project demolished the old on site power plant and will build two units of 128-140 MW where the total investment is 250 million leva ($170 million). The plant's equipment is supplied by Germany's Siemens (SIEGn.DE). The plant will be using thermal and thermo-chemical conversion of coal into synthesis gas.
  • The Bulgarian office of Rolinski and Suarez, LLC played a role in the Wind Farm project in Shabla, Bulgaria, by the Belgium company Electrawinds NV/SA. It engages in the production, sale, and distribution of green power generated from inexhaustible clean energy resources for the local community. It constructs and operates windmill farms, solar farms, bio steam, and biomass power plants, as well as investigates and develops renewable energy possibilities and applications. In Bulgaria, the company is working on two wind farm projects. In 2011, it is expected to begin construction of a 30 MW wind farm worth EUR 60 million in the region of Bourgas, on the Black Sea coast.
  • Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has been consulted in the project for Thermal Destruction of Waste using Plazma. Thermal treatment of waste is once again attracting attention as a viable alternative to landfill disposal. Thermal treatment reduces the volume of solid waste significantly. A new strategy which can destroy waste at high temperatures is plasma gasification, using electricity to convert waste into fuel gas and inert rock.
  • Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has advised, since the projects inception, on the ecologically sound project which converts a highly polluted industrial area to a modern clean tech container port. The project was developed on property located in the South Industrial Zone, on the Ostrova (“the Island”), within the Port of Varna, Bulgaria. The site has been development into an ecologically sound project, with legal representation in the financing, investment and development aspects. Added benefit will be the utilization of clean technology such as thermal treatment of waste. The area includes warehousing and industrial buildings and facilities area. The investment proposal includes the construction of the quay wall with a length of 550 meters and clean tech equipment and open storage, to provide for the handling and storage of containers. Upon full development, a Container Terminal with free trade zone status and associated logistical support shall be operational on site.
  • The CLEANTECH CORRIDOR is a not for profit New York based company which is passionate about environmental sustainability, fostering renewable energy, cleantech businesses and urban sustainability. Sylvia J. Rolinski, Esq. of Rolinski & Suarez, LLC sits on the Board.
  • This company is interested in reengineering employment opportunities given the loss of jobs caused by current economic conditions. By supporting the growth of cleantech businesses in New York City, the region and the state, the company is aiming to clean up the environment and create jobs. The vision is for New York to become a hub of bustling cleantech businesses that generate thousands of jobs under the umbrella of urban sustainability.
  • Recently, Rolinski & Suarez, LLC has advised on the expected Fall 2010 tender in the expansion EPC project of the 800 MW combined cycle gas power plant in Talimarjan, Uzbekistan. In Kazakhstan, the firm has consulted in the contracting for revolving crude oil, its refining and subsequent sale of the buy products.

Reproductive Law

Rolinski & Suarez, LLC for the last decade has represented individuals and couples with family formation issues, including: adoption and assisted reproductive technology, such as open gestational surrogacy, sperm donation, and egg donation. The firm has facilitated with personalized adoption in over 25 cases internationally and domestically. As a result of the firms work, we have facilitated nearly 2,000 children being born to loving families.

Gestational Surrogacy is a remarkable opportunity for those who have been trying unsuccessfully to have a family. The surrogate has no legal right to the child because the child is not biologically hers. It is accomplished through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where fertilized embryos are implanted into the surrogate's uterus. In cases where the intended parents cannot produce the necessary eggs or sperm, donor eggs and sperm or donor embryos may be used. The firm draws up a binding contract between the parties. The surrogacy contract outlines the parties' rights and responsibilities, which include: compensation, contact during and after the pregnancy, confidentiality, views on abortion and selective reduction, and the number of embryo transfers or artificial insemination attempts. In most states, including: California, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas, the intended parents are able to obtain a pre-birth order which allows their names to go directly on the birth certificate. In other states, such as Florida and Virginia, the birth certificate is amended after the child is born and usually requires a court proceeding.

Immigration Law


Our firm has over 20 years of experience representing clients before the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Immigration Courts, and U.S. Federal Courts across the United States as well as U.S. Embassies and Consulates the world over.

Despite the complexity of rules, regulations and exceptions coupled with the ever changing laws which encompass immigration law, our attorney's understand the importance of developing professional flexibility and innovative techniques to ensure a positive outcome for our clients.

We have represented both large and small businesses as well as individuals and families in virtually every aspect of immigration law and related matters. Assisting people from all over the world and creating a successful solution to their immigration issues so to reduce the stress often associated with this necessary process has been our forte, be it for studies, business, work or investments in the U.S.

International Law


International markets are more interrelated than ever before. The increase and growth of worldwide interdependence and thus business transactions compels us to represent our clients on a global scale.

We have significant Eastern European expertise and experience which continues to develop strongly.

We are increasingly finding an international market for our legal services. This is a consequence of our client's businesses expanding across the globe coupled with our sensitivity to cultural and local business practice considerations. We are thus able to provide our clients with a broad spectrum of options and opportunities in the international market which suit their business and legal needs. Clients find our representation most advantageous as this office is fluent in several foreign languages.

U.S. Civil and Commercial Law


Our firm has represented start-up ventures to multi-million dollar sales volume corporate clients for over 15 years. As the size and complexity of our clients transactions have grown coupled with the increasingly intricate legislative and regulatory environment so has the scope and depth of this firms representation of our business clients. We have represented the little guy to large corporations, mom and pop to publicly traded companies in virtually all facets of their business organization, operation, relationships and corporate law needs.

The firm advises US and foreign companies engaged in US domestic sales, leasing, manufacturing and consulting services.

For companies which are new to the US market, we facilitate in their establishment of the appropriate corporate entity, be it Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Liability Partnership, General partnerships and/or Limited partnership.

As companies expand we advise on the numerous business agreements which become necessary, such as, joint venture agreements, purchase and supply agreements, buy sell agreements, terms and conditions of sale agreements, executive retirement compensation buy out agreements, and franchise agreements.

As clients expand into e commerce and web representation we facilitate in all facets of their information technology legal needs.

As clients outgrow their business structure with expansion and the capture of large shares of the market, our firm is able to assist this growth by compiling the requisite package for expansion capital and ultimately taking the company public through an initial public offering.

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